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The 'Blue Goose' Flies to War

Republished from Page 16 of THE NATIONAL UNDERWRITER on April 23, 1917

Paint Blue Goose on His War Plane

The Blue Goose will soon be flying through the clouds over France, helping America and its allies win the war.  In a letter to the wielder of the goose quill of the Illinois pond, MacMillan Weddell, one of the Illinois ganders, expresses appreciation for the remission of his dues and says in addition:

“I am having a huge ‘Blue Goose’ painted on the side of my machine and from now on the ‘Blue Goose’ will flap its broad wings and sail aloft, ready for anything.

“I hate to think of making our noble gander a bird of ill omen, but I am going to try to make it that for the Germans, at least.  I have tried all the horns --automobile-- around here and have selected one that makes enough noise for a whole flock, and it will be my battle cry.”

Grand Wielder Terry Maloney reports that Gander Weddell took his last long flight over the fields of France. 

We salute you and greet you in the silent hall of memory.  Hail, friend, and farewell!

To see a video of Gander Weddell and the ‘Blue Goose’ go to 17:40 (seventeen minutes, 40 seconds) at:

Posted by PMLGG George Harwood who reports, "When I first saw this film, I almost fell out of my chair.  You could have knocked me over with a Blue Goose feather.  I'd known of Gander Waddell's exploits.  I had to reveiw the picture several times to assure myself of what I was seeing, as I had trouble believing my own eyes!"